Top 5 SportsBiz Articles of the Week: April 28 – May 3


Image credit: Kwaku Alston/For Sports Illustrated

How Does Jason Collins’ Coming Out Statement Affect His Off-Court Opportunities?

Heitner explores Jason Collins’ newfound marketing opportunity after becoming the first active NBA player to publicly announce his homosexuality earlier this week. While Collins and his representative will need to be careful not to be seen as exploiting the opportunity, many brands marketing to the LGBT community will likely covet a partnership. It will be interesting to see how Collins reacts to his endorsement potential in the coming months, especially since he may not actually play next season. View Article >

As Tim Tebow Brand Falters, Marketers Try to Make Sense of the Future

Despite Tim Tebow’s release from the Jets this week and his dim prospects in returning to the NFL in the near future, Berkon notes that Tebow still has some marketing potential. While Tebow may not receive the same major endorsements, he is still likeable, still recognizable and still resonates with the Christian community. Based on he and his management team’s business acumen, its possible that Tebow could still make multi-millions of dollars per year even without a spot in the NFL. View Article >

Renovation could impact ticket prices at Wrigley

Changes are coming to the friendly confines of historic Wrigley Field. New owner Tom Ricketts hopes to put a more competitive team on the field in the coming years and is hoping to renovate Wrigley to generate more revenue long-term. Mooney explains how the effect these renovations may have on ticket prices. Coming into this season the Cubs were already the most expensive MLB team on the secondary market. View Article >

He’s a business, man: Floyd Mayweather Jr. knows the money is in the details

Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s nickname is certainly a suitable one. Mayweather is currently the highest-payed athlete in the world and Iole illustrates how involved Mayweather is in even the small details of his personal brand. With his new groundbreaking deal with Showtime starting with tomorrow’s fight, Mayweather fought for absolute control over all aspects of promotion. Its clear that Mayweather’s financial success is due not only to his boxing ability, but also to his personal attention to the business side of the sport. View Article >

Major Link Soccer: Sonics Fall Through

Last week, we looked at David Stern’s influence on the Kings relocation process. This week, the NBA relocation committee voted to recommend that the Kings stay in Sacramento. Flatness points out that this may be a positive development for the MLS and the Seattle Sounders. In just their fifth MLS season, the Sounders have been embraced by the Seattle community and regularly draw over 35,000 fans to Qwest Field. The absence of the Sonics franchise will allow the Sounders franchise to continue to prosper and remain a fixture in the Seattle sports scene. View Article >

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