Top 5 Sportsbiz Articles of the Week: April 20 – April 26


Social media giving MLB fans a voice

Dosh explores the increased efforts that MLB teams and the league are making to connect to their fans through social media. While some teams have designated social media themed games and events, others have installed more permanent social media fixtures at every game. With MLB lagging behind other major leagues in younger fan interest, these social media efforts may help to close that gap. View Article ›

Jay-Z wants NHL Draft top prospect Seth Jones for Roc Nation Sports agency

After successfully making his mark on the music business, Jay-Z has his sights set on the world of sports. His Roc Nation branch of CAA already has already signed MLB star Robinson Canoe and has been connected with New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz. However, his interest in Jones, who is likely to be the top pick in the 2013 NHL draft, reflects a unique marketing opportunity. Wyshynski explores how this opportunity can benefit Jones and the NHL as a whole. View Article ›

Stern’s legacy will be tied with Kings’

Much of the news and analysis regarding the major players in the Sacramento Kings sale has revolved around the competing bids from Sacramento and Seattle, as well as the Maloof family. Voisin examines Commissioner David Stern’s influence on the process and its potential effect on his legacy. With Stern ceding his post next February to Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver, his stance on the Kings relocation will likely be his final major decision. View Article ›

The Top Picks In The NFL Draft Aren’t Worth As Much As You Think

With all the pageantry and hoopla regarding the first round of the NFL Draft, Gaines explains that a first round pick may not be particularly important. Over the past several years, second and third round picks have become more coveted for their relative value. This approach can best be exemplified by Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who routinely trades out of the first round and this year traded his first round pick for a second, third, fourth, and seventh round pick. Look for more and more teams to employ similar strategies. View Article ›

Introducing the College Football Playoff

This week, the new college football postseason system was officially named “College Football Playoff”. While this seems incredibly bland and generic compared to the many colorful bowl names, officials likely deliberately avoided using acronyms such as “BCS” and “NCAA” due to their negative connotations. It’s clear that the playoff will be an improvement to the current BCS system, but it will be interesting to see how it evolves in the coming years. View Article ›

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