Did Rondo’s Torn ACL Impact Price of Boston Celtics Tickets?

Prior to Rajon Rondo’s diagnosis of a torn ACL on January 27, the Celtics had lost 6 straight. And although Boston picked up a win against Miami that day in OT – things looked down when news spread that their star point guard was out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL. 

The Boston Celtics have won 4 straight since Rondo went down, that including the win over Miami. Some are wondering if the Celtics are better off without Rondo. Paul Pierce is not one of those people. “We won a championship with Rondo. We’ve had great seasons with Rondo being healthy. I really don’t buy into that notion. Like I told you, we’re just coming together. We’re using the injuries as motivation — and we’re actually playing for Rondo,” Pierce was quoted saying in a recent Boston Globe article. 

Despite the recent winning streak, Boston Celtics tickets have decreased in price since Rondo’s knee injury. All but two of the remaining eighteen home games (following the game vs. Miami) have gone down in average price. Decreases have been as large as 9% – that seen in home games against the Washington Wizards, Brooklyn Nets, and Indiana Pacers at the end of the regular season. It’s possible that the return of the Boston Bruins from the NHL lockout may have affected ticket prices a bit; but it’s more likely that the changes that resulted from the Bruins return already took affect earlier in January. 

Boston Celtics Tickets

Date Opponent Avg. ticket 1/25/2013 Avg. ticket 1/28/2013
01/30/13 Sacramento Kings $75.73 $70.73 -6.60%
02/01/13 Orlando Magic $148.09 $157.32 6.23%
02/03/13 Los Angeles Clippers $230.78 $214.93 -6.87%
02/07/13 Los Angeles Lakers $222.46 $206.75 -7.06%
02/10/13 Denver Nuggets $134.43 $132.99 -1.07%
02/13/13 Chicago Bulls $122.55 $120.45 -1.72%
03/01/13 Golden State Warriors $100.93 $101.84 0.90%
03/08/13 Atlanta Hawks $104.03 $101.72 -2.22%
03/13/13 Toronto Raptors $69.57 $68.38 -1.71%
03/16/13 Charlotte Bobcats $116.91 $116.36 -0.47%
03/18/13 Miami Heat $235.12 $231.25 -1.64%
03/26/13 New York Knicks $154.35 $151.23 -2.02%
03/29/13 Atlanta Hawks $102.58 $101.81 -0.75%
04/03/13 Detroit Pistons $83.67 $82.08 -1.90%
04/05/13 Cleveland Cavaliers $96.36 $95.68 -0.71%
04/07/13 Washington Wizards $106.56 $96.76 -9.19%
04/10/13 Brooklyn Nets $106.22 $96.05 -9.58%
04/16/13 Indiana Pacers $104.01 $94.43 -9.20%


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