Top Sports Business Articles of the Week (January 31, 2013)

Sports Business Articles

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#1 : Will Scandal Damage Manti Te’os Marketability on Madison Avenue? Michael McCarthy I Advertising Age I 1-17-13

Although this article was written two weeks ago, it was worth mentioning here with Tuiasosopo on Dr. Phil this week. Sports Reporters have been talking for weeks about whether the Manti Te’o scandal will affect his Draft stock. But why has there been such little talk on his Marketability? After signing with CAA and going ‘professional’ Te’o has the opportunity to make millions in endorsements. Whether you believe that Te’o was the victim of a hoax or not; his believability through the entire process is questioned. We agree with McCarthy on this one; more so than his draft stock, “the more significant damage could be to the potential athletic endorser value on Madison Avenue.”

#2 : Seattle Sonics rumors prompt T-shirt sales I Seattle Times via AP I 1-29-13

Since Seattle Investor Chris Hansen bought up land in SoDo for his impending multi-purpose sports arena and rumors of the Sacramento Kings moving to Seattle have surfaced, Seattle-area businesses are capitalizing on the heightened interest. According to Google Trends, interest for ‘Seattle Sonics’ was at an all-time high January 9th, followed by another peak January 21st. 

#3 : Social media sing with NHL lockout mood swing I Bruce Dowbiggin I The Globe and Mail I 1-25-13

We’re still not sure why NHL teams offered Opening Day Lures. If there was ever question as to if demand and interest was down after the lockout, experts should have turned to social media. “This go-round they could measure fan interest, they could measure that geographically, and they could project how much market or audience they’re losing and thus how hard it will be to get it back to the numbers they need,” Jesse Hirsh was quoted saying in the article. We 100% agree. No speculation, just hard facts. With data showing the sentiment of tweets following the lockout was 22% positive and 16% negative, it is evident that giveaways were not needed. Dowbiggin spoke to Jim Donnelly, director of data for Mediamiser, who said “We even found that, of those fans who said they were still upset with the league, they were also very explicit in saying they would still go out of their way to support their favorite team.” For more on the value in analyzing social media, click through to the article.

#4 : Hornets’ name change leaves Bobcats in limbo I Rick Bonnell I The Charlotte Observer I 1-24-13

Who knew all that went into a name change for a Sports Team? Not me. With the New Orleans Hornets changing their name to the New Orleans Pelicans, Charlotte is presented with the opportunity to change their name back to the Charlotte Hornets.  But, not so quick. Bonnell takes us inside the processes that Charlotte needs to take should they decide to move forward with changing their name.  We all know that Sports is a big business – so first things first, a survey to season ticket holders to gauge interest and potential profits. 

#5 : David Beckham signs for PSG, agrees to donate entire salary to children’s charity I Brooks Peck I Yahoo! Sports Dirty Tackle (blog) I 1-31-13

“He’s more than a player. A brand, a pop star,” said Leonardo, PSG’s director of football, in 2011. Well, Beckham is also good at gaining positive publicity; so add PR ambassador to the list and I couldn’t describe the man any better. This donation is not only a good PR move on his part (not that Beckham needs an improved image), but Paris Saint-Germain as well. In the end, it’s always nice to read a feel-good story about a Professional athlete and/or Celebrity who gives back to the Community and donates to charity. This one is no different. 


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