Top Music Articles of the Week (February 1, 2013)

Top Music Articles Feb 1

#1 : Beyoncé will pay ‘hundreds of thousands’ of dollars to sing at Super Bowl? Sara Nathan I MailOnline I 1-28-2013

According to MailOnline, Beyoncé will pay all but $600,000 in production costs for her Super Bowl half-time performance. To give you an idea of how much she may have to pay out of her own pocket – Madonna’s halftime performance cost ‘well over $1 million.’ The experts say the exposure is well worth the hundreds of thousands – with the publicity comes YouTube replays, iTunes downloads, Amazon album sales .. and for Beyoncé, she landed a $50 million deal with halftime sponsor Pepsi. Some artists have even leveraged their time on stage to plug a new album or tour – maybe the best marketing effort of all. Deal or No Deal? DEAL!

#2 : Super Bowl Halftime Shows: Who Got the Biggest Sales Bumps? I Jem Aswad I Billboard I 2-1-13

Why do we consider the above a ‘deal?’ Billboard reports that Madonna saw a 410% increase in sales of past albums and 115,000 downloads of her single at the time; The Black Eyed Peas saw a 61% increase in sales the following week of the Super Bowl. Aswad takes a look at past Super Bowl half time performers and sales figures following their show.    

#3 : Alicia Keys named BlackBerry’s global creative director I Ricardo Bilton I Venture Beat I 1-30-13

As the article mentions, first it was, who joined Intel as its director of creative innovation in 2011. More recently, it was Beyoncé and Pepsi in a creative partnership opportunity; and now Alicia and BlackBerry. BlackBerry “wanted someone at the top of her field, well-respected and immensely creative, someone who incorporates tech and creativity into her day-to-day work.” Spot on in our eyes. Which musician do you think will be next to jump into a creative partnership opportunity with a global company?

#4 : Deconstructing: Coachella And The Music Festival Industry I Brad Shoup I Stereogum I 1-28-13

Do you consider the festival music scene saturated? With a focus on Coachella, Shoup takes a look at gross revenue, attendance, trends in Britain, why people go, and the effects of popularity in live-streaming. 

#5 : Justin Bieber goes acoustic in new album I Piya Sinha-Roy, Reuters I Mercury News I 1-29-13 

Justin Bieber releasing an acoustic album following the announcement that he was not nominated for a Grammy this year, is about as bold a statement as Beyoncé opening up her Super Bowl press conference singing the National Anthem. Even non-beliebers were intrigued. According to Sinha-Roy, if ‘Believe Acoustic’ reaches No. 1 in the Billboard 200 album chart, Bieber “will become the youngest artist to have five No. 1 albums under his belt, and one of few artists, including The Beatles and Jay-Z, to have a No. 1 album each year for four consecutive years”. Pretty impressive.

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