Top Music Business Articles of the Week (January 18, 2013)

Top Music Business

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#1: Destiny’s Child Returns—but Not to Make Money I Keenan Mayo I 1/11/13

When musical groups reunite after a long hiatus, the motivations are usually financial. Mayo points out that the Destiny’s Child reunion may be more of a strategy for Beyonce to remain relevant and maintain a profile in the music industry. The lion’s share of the money in reunions lies in concert tours, but as of yet, no plans for a Destiny’s Child tour have surfaced. We hope that changes.

#2: ‘I’m So Proud Of You’: Lady Gaga Congratulates Justin Bieber On Matching Twitter Followers I Alicia Adejobi I 1/16/13

It looks like Justin Bieber is one step closer to world domination, as this weekend, he is poised to overtake Lady Gaga as the most followed person on twitter. This obviously says a lot about Bieber’s popularity and marketability, but is any of Gaga’s recent gun controversy to blame? Gaga is being diplomatic about the situation, congratulating Bieber and his fans.

#3: Justin Timberlake new single sparks surge in ticket searches I Robert Copsey I 1/14/13

Many consider Justin Bieber to be this decade’s version of Justin Timberlake. Despite his aforementioned twitter popularity, this article suggests that Bieber may still have a ways to go. We are interested to see if the demand for Timberlake tickets remains strong, or subsides after the initial excitement surrounding his return to music.

#4: American Idol Ratings Down 19 Percent—Did Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj Feud Turn Off Viewers? I Kristin Dos Santos I 1/17/13

The subpar ratings are very interesting given the publicity and hoopla surrounding the alleged Mariah Carey-Nicki Minaj feud. Do viewers feel that the squabbling is a distraction? As the season goes on, will viewers warm up to the new judges? Its hard to say how the season will play out, but the personal brands of both Carey and Minaj will be strongly affected.

#5: Beyonce, Katy Perry, More Head to D.C. for Packed Slate of Obama Inauguration Events I AP I 1/18/13

When President Obama takes his oath of office this weekend, it will not just be a big political event; it will also be a big event in the world of music. Several major artists including Beyonce, Katy Perry, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Kelly Clarkson, and more will perform this weekend at events surrounding the inauguration. The article details the multiple performers and shares some of their thoughts on performing for the President.

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