Top Sports & Music Business Articles of the Week (January 11, 2013)

Top Sports and Music Articles January 5 - 11

Image Credit: Noah Graham/Getty Images

At the end of each week, Razorgator will share its favorite Sports and Music articles of the Week. If you see a great article, please tweet us and we will certainly consider including it.

#1 : How Did the Worst Team in NBA History Become a Title Contender? Dave Berri I Freakonomics I 1/8/13

This is certainly a question basketball fans in LA are discussing every day. Do you agree with Dwight Howard – is it the Clippers chemistry that has helped them become one of the top teams in the League this year? Or is it better coaching suggested by Andrew Han of Clipperblog? Berri dives into the question and potential answers.

#2 : Wolves Pledge Playoffs in New Ticket Campaign I Jon Krawczynki I AP I 1/7/13

The Wolves CMO has set up somewhat of a challenge to get season ticket renewals and new purchases up. We not only like the article; we think this challenge is more creative than the typical Management response to get fans back in the seats (that being to just cut prices). The question we have is – are the playoffs possible with the injuries of Love, Roy and Lee?

#3 : Taylor Swift’s break up with Harry Styles makes One Direction’s sales soar 50% I Jodi Jill I Examiner I 1/8/13

So this got us thinking – who benefited more from the breakup … Swift or Styles? Well, while One Direction tickets are up 50% in London like this article indicated, prices on the secondary market for U.S. Shows are up just 3% ($17 per ticket) since the breakup. So what was the change in the average prices of a Taylor Swift ticket following the breakup? A .47 cent increase – essentially nothing. It’s One Direction who benefited most from this breakup … that is, until Taylor releases a ‘breakup’ single that earns her millions. Looks like Taylor Swift is back in the studio.

#4 : Gabrielle Douglas, Women’s Sports Foundation: How Investing In Women Changes The World I Alana Glass I Forbes I 1/9/13

It is truly amazing what the Women’s Sports Foundation, an organization dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women through sport and physical activity, has done in providing funding for women athletes. Gabrielle is a great example of a young lady who received such funding last year, excelled in Olympic competition, and turned around and gave her donation back – in the hopes that another young woman athlete could benefit from the same gift.    

#5 : Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and David Bowie: Classic Rock Icons in the Digital Age I Andy Gensler I Billboard I 1/11/13

We agree – It’s interesting, to consider the unique and very different set of circumstances — music streaming services, reversion rights and releasing a global digital single — each (Zeppelin, Dylan, Bowie) faced. In an era where digital sales continue to climb (download stores now account for 37.2% of all album sales) being in tune with what’s trending is key. Gensler talks about how each is succeeding in the digital realm. 


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