Trojans Tickets Tumble

Image Credit: Jim Rider/US Presswire

Not only did USC drop 8 spots in the BCS rankings this week, so too did ticket prices for this weekend’s game against an opponent who is No. 4 in the Country. USC vs. Oregon tickets are down 33% ($57 per ticket) since Friday (prior to USC’s loss against Arizona). Such a significant decrease is surprising considering USC can still earn a Rose Bowl berth. The Oregon Ducks could have played a minor role in the decrease, with their fall in the BCS standings due to strength of schedule. 

There are more tickets available on Razorgator today for the Oregon game Saturday then there are for either ASU or Notre Dame. This could mean that more USC Football season ticket holders put their tickets on the secondary market for this game because their own interest is down. And/or, those who put their tickets up on the secondary ticket market are unable to sell as many tickets as they could for the other games. According to Google Trends, a search for ‘USC tickets’ the Monday before USC’s last home game against Colorado (October 15) had the same search volume as yesterday (October 29). Do you think that Trojan fans have the same amount of interest to see a nationally ranked opponent Oregon, as they did a (now) 1-7 Colorado team? It appears that way.    

What happened to prices for the USC home games against ASU and Notre Dame later in the season? Relatively nothing. In fact, prices for the USC vs. Notre Dame Football game are up 4% since last weekend’s loss. 

Oregon was also ranked fourth last year when they played USC at home, and USC won. There’s definitely no reason why USC can’t do it again; for their sake, hopefully in front of a packed Coliseum. 

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