Top 10 Events of the Week (October 29, 2012)

The NBA regular season kicks off tomorrow and interest is up; four NBA teams are part of Razorgator’s Top 10 events of the week. But, the No. 1 spot is held by one of last week’s Top 10 and it isn’t a professional sports team.

Barbra Streisand climbed to No. 1 this week after being No. 4 last week. Streisand is set to perform in Las Vegas Friday at MGM Grand Hotel Garden Arena. The average price for the show, $711 (up $250 from last week) but you can get in for as low as $104

With the conclusion of the World Series, football (along with basketball) is taking over our top events of the week. Five NFL teams are included the Top 10, including No. 2, the New York Giants who also made our Top 10 October 15, 2012. Giants vs. Steelers tickets are costing on average $567 for a seat at MetLife Stadium.  

Two (of five) of Razorgator’s highest priced NBA games will be played this week. The Brooklyn Nets will host crosstown rival, New York Knicks, for their first regular season game at Barclay’s Center. Just last week, tickets averaged $659; today, they are up to $814. The Toronto Raptors will also visit the Nets this week, but at a much lower price ($167 per ticket). The New York Knicks who host the 2012 NBA Champions Miami Heat Friday at Madison Square Garden rank No. 4 in our Top 10. The Knicks have the second highest average regular season ticket in the NBA, while the Heat are the most expensive road team in the league. The Knicks also host the Philadelphia 76ers Sunday.  

The team that boasts the highest average regular season ticket in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers, claims the No. 5 spot this week. The Lakers play three times at home against Dirk-less Dallas (Oct. 30), hometown rival Los Angeles Clippers (Nov. 2), and rookie stacked Detroit Pistons (Nov. 4). The Lakers/Clippers preseason game was our top game to attend this preseason. Like we mentioned in the recap, the rivalry has grown the past few years after the Clippers acquired CP3 and drafted Blake Griffin. Residents of Los Angeles will have plenty of star-power on the court to enjoy.  

Back when the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons were both undefeated, the Texans had the hotter ticket. This week, the same holds true; Houston takes our No. 6 spot (averaging $231 a ticket) while (still) undefeated Atlanta follows at No. 7 (averaging $218 per ticket). The Texans look to stay on top the AFC South with a win over the Buffalo Bills this week at home; while Atlanta looks to stay atop the NFC South with a victory over the Dallas Cowboys. 

The Miami Heat, who come in at No. 8, open their regular season at home tomorrow against the Boston Celtics for an Eastern Conference Finals rematch. Don’t forget the Heat added former Celtic Ray Allen to their roster who should strengthen their bid as repeat champs. The average price to catch the Boston Celtics in South Beach tomorrow was $362 back on August 21; now, just $306. The Heat will also host the Denver Nuggets Saturday at American Airlines Arena.  

The Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins wrap up our Top 10 at No. 9 and No. 10 respectively. There is never a shortage in demand for Packers tickets, so it’s really no surprise to see Green Bay as a top event. They’ll host the Arizona Cardinals who had a hot start. The Washington Redskins claim the highest average ticket price of all teams starting a rookie QB and this week RG3 and his team will host the Carolina Panthers at FedEx Field. Both teams are looking to climb out of the bottom of their Division.

Top 10 Events- Week of October 29

Top 10 Events               Avg. Price
Barbra Streisand $711.44
New York Giants $566.97
Brooklyn Nets $490.27
New York Knicks $405.59
Los Angeles Lakers $301.42
Houston Texans $231.37
Atlanta Falcons $218.05
Miami Heat $213.91
Green Bay Packers $204.36
Washington Redskins $187.37

Check back with us weekly, for our Top 10 Events of the Week. 

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