NFL Ticket Prices amongst Teams Starting Rookie QB

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski and Merril Hoge ranked the rookie QB starters in the NFL last Sunday; 5 being the weakest, 1 the strongest. Both analysts agreed on three of their five selections – selecting Brandon Weeden (Cleveland Browns) as the least productive, Ryan Tannehill (Miami Dolphins) as their second favorite and Robert Griffin, who has been electrifying for the Washington Redskins, as the strongest rookie quarterback in the NFL so far this season. The two disagreed on Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck and Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson, flipping them at 3 and 4. 

Razorgator took a look at the average ticket prices of these teams for the remaining home games. We found that the average price for the Washington Redskins is highest ($222 per ticket) amongst the five teams and the Cleveland Browns have the lowest average price ($61 per ticket).  It looks to us like the fans in those cities agree with the Hoge and Jaworski.  RG3 is stirring up excitement among his fan-base and Weeden has yet to make an impression on Browns fans.  In Miami, fans may still be skeptical about Tannehill, but if he continues to perform, look for ticket prices to increase.

Below you can find the average ticket price for each of the five teams and the rankings that Jaworski and Hoge gave the Quarterbacks. 

NFL Ticket Prices amongst Teams Starting Rookie QB

NFL Team                Avg. Price    Record   Rookie QB       Jaworski   Hoge  
Washington Redskins $221.80 3-4 Robert Griffin 1 1
Seattle Seahawks $200.22 4-3 Russell Wilson 3 4
Indianapolis Colts $118.56 3-3 Andrew Luck 4 3
Miami Dolphins $113.85 3-3 Ryan Tannehill 2 2
Cleveland Browns $61.51 1-6 Brandon Weeden 5 5
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