Did Lewis, Webb Injuries Have Impact on Ravens Tickets?

Image Credit: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images 

After a season-ending injury to a key player, you’d expect ticket prices for their team to drop like they had for the Bulls when they lost Derrick Rose to a torn ACL. Not the case for Baltimore Ravens tickets at home; after losing veteran LB Ray Lewis to torn right triceps and CB Lardarius Webb to a torn ACL Sunday against Dallas, the team’s prices remain unchanged.

There are a few reasons that prices may not have dropped. The Ravens are 5-1 and top the AFC North standings. The other AFC North teams have not been able to keep pace with Baltimore thus far and playoff hopes are very much alive for the Ravens despite the loss of Lewis and Webb. The Cincinnati Bengals are second in the division at 3-3 after losing their last two games (including last week’s loss to the Browns who picked up their first win) and have a tough schedule ahead. The Pittsburgh Steelers (2-3) are off to a slow start and are dealing with some injuries of their own. As for the Cleveland Browns (1-4), well, their record speaks for itself.  

Furthermore, Baltimore residents don’t have much else to spend money on this month when it comes to sports.  They no longer have the Orioles to root for in the MLB Playoffs and elite collegiate football programs are non-existent in Maryland.  There isn’t even any pre-season basketball (unless you still root for the Baltimore Bullets, now Washington Wizards) or hockey to contend with.  Compare that to say Detroit where the Lions are competing with Tiger baseball, Michigan and Michigan State football, and the beginning of another season of Piston basketball. Clearly the Ravens are benefiting from a lack of sporting options in Baltimore this October. 

As you can see in the table below, the difference in prices between Saturday (before the Ravens vs Cowboys game) and Monday (after the Ravens vs Cowboys game), were minimal. The largest drop in Ravens prices was for the Denver Broncos game, at $14 per ticket (5%).  

Baltimore Ravens Tickets 

Baltimore Ravens Tickets Avg. Price – Sat Avg. Price – Mon
Baltimore Ravens vs Oakland Raiders $301.24 $302.13 0.30%
Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers $324.51 $329.70 1.60%
Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos $284.90 $270.54 -5.04%
Baltimore Ravens vs New York Giants $247.05 $250.24 1.29%

It’s possible the impact on Ravens tickets has not been felt. Should Lewis’ and Webb’s replacements not produce, a more significant decrease in price is expected.  

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2 comments on “Did Lewis, Webb Injuries Have Impact on Ravens Tickets?
  1. Pitchingguru says:

    i believe the reason ticket prices have not gone down is that marquee teams are still on the schedule , with the defending champion Giants coming in along with Peyton Manning. The Steelers is always a war when they and the Ravens get together.Nothing like two good football teams going to battle, good ones that include your home team.

  2. Christi Goza says:

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