Detroit Tigers Advance to ALCS

“Once on a tiger’s back, it is hard to alight.” Just ask the Oakland A’s who found themselves down 0-2 in the American League Divisional Series following Sunday’s 5-4 loss to the Detroit Tigers. Things looked gloom for the Athletics as they headed home for Game 3. The Tigers would have to finish the series on the road, but they would have three chances to do it.  

Detroit remained hungry heading into Thursday’s game, despite the A’s tying it up 2-2 Wednesday evening. The Tigers hoped to have the opportunity to, at minimum, match last year’s success by playing in the American League Championship Series. The team’s last American League pennant however came in 2006; their last World Series win, 1984. Six of ESPN’s experts dubbed the Tiger’s ‘World Series Champions’ (tied for most votes with the Yankees) in their Oct 4 MLB postseason predictions and the Tigers were eager to live up to expectations.  They were ready to strike, not strike out.

The Tigers may have struck out dropping Game 3 and 4 to the A’s, but not the case in Game 5. Former American League Rookie of the Year and Cy Young Award winner, Justin Verlander, stepped up to the plate, throwing a complete game for Detroit.  “He had a look in his eye today,” manager Jim Leyland said. “A complete-game look in his eye.”  

Now the eye of the tiger turns toward New York City and Friday’s Yankees/Orioles ALDS Game 5 match-up, and the A’s are left to wonder why they can’t be more than postseason one-and-dones. Plan on attending Detroit’s American League Championship Series home opener?  Here’s what Detroit Tigers tickets will cost you:

Tigers ALCS Tickets 

  • Cheapest tickets: $70 (Pavilion)
  • Most expensive tickets: $6,473 (Suite)
  • On-deck circle: $354 – $354
  • Lower infield: $167 – $995
  • Infield Box: $166 – $194
  • Terrace: $156 – $218
  • Upper Box: $143 – $167
  • Club Seats: $122 – $152
  • Lower outfield: $109 – $995
  • Mezzanine: $109 – $123
  • Kaline’s Corner: $104 – $133
  • Upper reserved: $82 – $995
  • Tiger Den: $71 – $260
  • Bleachers: $71 – $170
  • Pavilion: $70 – $189

When it comes to purchasing tickets for an ALCS game at Tiger Stadium, consider the below and follow your instinct.  Tigers tickets for all potential home games has remained relatively level with just a slight overall increase in average price from $239 (prior to ALDS Game 5) to $242 (after winning ALDS Game 5); however, expect an increase in ticket prices should the Tigers match-up against the Yankees. The chart below illustrates these increases (and decreases) on the average ticket prices before and after Detroit clinched.

Tigers ALCS Ticket Comparison

Detroit Tigers ALCS Home Games (HG) Before After
ALCS: TBD at Detroit Tigers ALCS – HG 1 (Date TBD) $200.28 $196.58 -1.85%
ALCS: TBD at Detroit Tigers ALCS – HG 2 (Date TBD) $187.86 $193.47 2.98%
ALCS: TBD at Detroit Tigers ALCS – HG 3 (If Nec. – Date TBD) $256.79 $255.05 -0.68%
ALCS: TBD at Detroit Tigers ALCS – HG 4 (If Nec. – Date TBD) $354.64 $361.03 1.80%
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