Orange October Lives On: San Francisco Giants Clinch NLDS

The Bay Area teams are not disappointing this October. Both teams down 0-2 Sunday in their respective divisional series; both tied it up Wednesday 2-2. The San Francisco Giants were grand Thursday, clinching the National League Divisional Series over the Cincinnati Reds whom according to the Community Press had already sold out the (then potential) league championship home games prior to NLDS Game 3. 

#OrangeOctober lives on. The 2010 World Champions will wait to see if they’ll play the postseason newcomer Washington Nationals or 2011 World Champs, St. Louis Cardinals. Tomorrow the teams go head-to-head in Game 5 at Nationals Park.  Considering the Giants regular season play against the Cards (3-3) and Nationals (1-5), it’s likely they’d rather matchup against St. Louis.  

If you are looking to attend the first Giants home game of the NLCS series, consider this:

Giants NLCS Home-Opener Tickets 

  • Cheapest tickets: $128 (Upper Level)
  • Most expensive tickets: $3,984 (Lower Level)
  • Field level infield: $279 – $3,984
  • Field level down line: $236 – $1,383
  • Premium club level: $260 – $747
  • Upper level: $128 – $995
  • Outfield: $142 – $331

In total, the average San Francisco Giants ticket for the National League Championship Series has risen only 2 percent in the hours since capturing the division series, increasing from $454 to $463.  The table below shows the average ticket price for each of the NLCS games at AT&T Park, before and after the Giants clinched the title.

San Francisco Giants NLCS Tickets

San Francisco Giants NLCS Home Games (HG) Before After
NLCS: HG1 San Francisco Giants (Date TBD) $378.36 $341.42 -9.76%
NLCS: HG2 San Francisco Giants (Date TBD) $383.20 $537.77 40.34%
NLCS: HG3 San Francisco Giants (Date TBD) $478.20 $321.92 -32.68%
NLCS: HG4 San Francisco Giants (Date TBD) $567.35 $599.42 5.65%



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