iHeartRadio: The Making Of, 2012 Tickets and More…


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The Making of iHeartRadio

It seems technology has changed not only the ways in which we travel, communicate, and even learn but also the ways in which we listen to music! Radio, which has been around for over 100 years, has seen a great deal of change, most recently speaking—mobile change. Apple’s creation of the iPhone unleashed a world of opportunity for consumers and innovators alike, specifically the emergence of Music Apps.

Pandora, worked for twelve years to reach the level and recognition it has gained today, and spectators wonder if it isn’t too late for iHeartRadio to catch up. With a mere three years since launch iHeartRadio has prided itself on not only it’s disparate and considerable collection of music and artists, but also it’s flexibility and quick integration into the lives of mobile listeners.

Radio may be headed out, but thanks to mobile apps, personalized radio is the future. Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman adds “We want to be where the listeners are.” Alluding to the integration of iHeart into cars and television. Yet, that’s not the only place the up-and-coming program decided to show face. Following their first ever “biggest live music event in radio history” of 2011, iHeartRadio comes back for a second round of shows, with even bigger names than the last.

iHeartRadio Vegas Concert

The Vegas event takes place on September 21st and 22nd, and promises, once again, to be the “biggest live music event in radio history.” Tickets for the SOLD OUT event depleted in a mere ten minutes but remained in constant social-networking-light, leaving fans hoping for an opportunity to have a taste.

Even the stars can appreciate the hype. Taylor Swift comments that the show can “bring so many different formats and genres of music together and have everyone appreciate it… it highlights the difference between different musical acts and makes that a cool thing.” She’s absolutely right, the concert combines country with pop with hip-hop and house and doesn’t stop there. The question is, how much is too much for a concert with so many big name artists? Is the allotted listening time for each artist worth the seating and money spent on tickets?

iHeartRadio Tickets

Well let’s begin the comparison with the obvious question, just how much are the iHeartRadio 2012 tickets selling for? The MGM Grand Event this September is running an average of $1,685 PER DAY, that’s a whopping $3,370 to see the event in full. This price inflated 38% from last year’s festival,  a per ticket price increase by about $467 per day! However, iHeartRadio isn’t the only large-scale festival of 2012, Indio’s Empire Polo Club event–Coachella–and the touring annual music festival–Lollapalooza–also host a crowd of up towards 75,000 people, at a price of less than half of the iHeartRadio concert. Significantly enough, the ENTIRE Coachella WEEKEND ran about $794 in 2012, for all three days! Lollapalooza also packaged the August 2012 weekend, at a mere $375 per day—running $226 for a single day.

What does that mean for fans looking to purchase tickets for iHeart’s Vegas event? Well, the price ranges anywhere from $330 – $6,299 depending on seating. On average, purchasing tickets for both days will price at $3,370. Let’s put this in perspective, below is a list of the top grossing-currently-touring artists in 2012, who’s performances you can cumulatively purchase tickets to at an aggregate price of SIX DOLLARS more than both days at iHeart. That’s $3,376 for all 13 events. Let’s take a look at the artists and average tour ticket prices:

Top Current Touring Artists Dates Avg Price Tickets
Bob Dylan Aug – Nov $490 Bob Dylan
Justin Bieber Sep – Jan $331 Justin Bieber
Madonna Aug – Nov $328 Madonna
Tim McGraw Aug – Apr $314 Tim McGraw
Jay-Z Sep – Oct $246 Jay-Z
Shania Twain Dec – Apr $237 Shania Twain
One Direction Jun – Aug $230 One Direction
Rod Stewart Sep – Oct $230 Rod Stewart
Elton John Sep – Oct $220 Elton John
Rush Sep – Dec $205 Rush
Neil Diamond Aug – Sep $195 Neil Diamond
Eric Church Aug – Dec $181 Eric Church
Bruce Springsteen Aug – Dec $170 Bruce Springsteen
Total   $3,376  

In sum, the ultimate decision comes down to you. For all you die hard Swift fans maybe you never ever want to get back (your money), if it means watching T-Swift go Red live. Then again, maybe reviving with Jay Z in Paris, relaxing with Bob Dylan’s unequivocal melodies, and reliving the classics with the Queen of Pop all in one epic summer, is an undeniable win instead.

Check out the lineup for the 2012 iHeartRadio Concert

What do you think? Check it out.

GooglePlus: https://plus.google.com

Official Site: http://festival.iheart.com/

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