Emerging Artist: Clarke Edward Andros


Clarke Edward Andros is an easy-going, small town guy, and that is easily seen through his bare-boned, acoustic style.  He considers his love for writing and performing came from “simple curiosity and lucky finds.”

 When he was thirteen, Clarke found a guitar meant for young children in his closet – and hasn’t been able to put down a guitar since.  In 2010, he started writing folks songs with his friends and discovered that the poetry was a way to journal his thoughts. “I just started writing to get my thoughts out of my head to make some space for all the other happenings inside my scattered brain. If I have a thought for a song, I will often go where my head takes me and put it down in less than five takes and don’t look back.” Clarke favors his banjo, saying that he’s guilty of an “Americana induced smile” whenever he plays. It’s through his banjo that he feels he found his style.

 Clarke has performed multiple times at Biola University and throughout the community. In 2011, his original music was featured in a Biola Cinema and Media Arts student’s film, Kids On the Run. He is currently in the process of writing and producing songs for his upcoming album. 






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