Made in America Festival: Jay-Z’s Brainchild



Remember when Jay-Z retired from music? Yeah, me neither. Even with a growing family, the rapper, record producer, NBA minority team owner, entrepreneur, Beyonce baby daddy can add concert promoter to his business card. Jay-Z is the curator and co-headliner for the Budweiser Made in America Festival at Fairmont Park in Philadelphia in September. The artists featured in the festival are an eclectic mix of various genres. Jay-Z described the basis of the event in a commercial:

Through all the lines and things that are put in place to divide us, all like-minded people gather together, we’re more curious than ever. We create music to express ourselves and when the world relates, that’s a beautiful thing. We’re all trading off each other’s culture, so no matter what lines you put–country indie rock, rap, we’re all somehow gonna find a way to come together.

What better way to bring people together than with music and beer? The two-day festival at Philadelphia’s Fairmont Park will include artists such as: Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Maybach Music Group (Rick Ross, Wale, and Meek Mill), Prince Royce, Pearl Jam, Drake, Run DMC, Odd Future, X, and many more.

Here are some highlighted artists featured, which include artist you may or may not have heard of:

Day 1


The dubstep DJ Skrillex is just one of many DJ’s scheduled to perform at the festival. Skrillex is no stranger to the festival scene. As former lead vocalist for screamo band From First to Last, he has performed his fair share of Warped Tour shows, but the L.A. DJ can also perform on his own in front of thousands of concert goers. Love him or hate him, he’s at least making you feel something strong.

Maybach Music Group (Rick Ross, Wale, and Meek Mill)

M-m-m-m-m-m Maybach Music has been thrilling hip-hop listeners with killer lyrics and dope beats, and frustrating car buffs with their choice of pronunciation of the luxury car brand. The trio consisting or Rick Ross, Wale, and Meek Mill are the best promotion crew any record label can ask for, and they’ll be taking their distinct flows and signature grunt to Philadelphia. For Mill, the festival will be more of a homecoming than just another gig, so expect a welcoming hometown crowd for the Philly emcee.

Dirty Projectors

Jay-Z won’t be the only act representing Brooklyn at the Made in America Festival. The Brooklyn-based indie rock act Dirty Projectors might be the greatest band that salesman at Urban Outfitters can recommend. The harmonic and progressive rock sounds of the group will stand out in a night that features Jay-Z, Skrillex, and the Maybach Music Group. Those unfamiliar with group should listen to their latest and critically acclaimed album Swing Lo Magellan.

Prince Royce

Listed as one of the 50 Most Beautiful on People en Español Magazine, Latin artist Prince Royce is more than just a pretty face. The New York singer born to Dominican parents is known for his mixture of traditional Dominican bachata and American R&B that is true to the Made in America quality. The 23-year-old singer has already worked with Latin music giants Daddy Yankee and Maná, and will now share the stage with American music giants Jay-Z and Maybach Music Group.

Day 2:

Pearl Jam

Seattle grunge rockers Pearl Jam will headline the last date of the two-day event, and are tasked with leaving a good taste in festival goers’ mouths. The grunge rockers are one of music’s last true purists with refusal to compromise their musical style in the face of corporate pressures. One of music’s most vocal vocalists Eddie Vedder is no stranger to controversy and activism, and will use any platform to bring up issues. With a festival lineup that includes some of commercial music’s biggest acts, Pearl Jam stands out like a Subura Outback at a luxury car show.


This group needs no introduction, but for music listeners living under a rock, they are one of hip-hop’s leading acts. Their contributions to hip-hop helped bring hip-hop to the mainstream and Adidas track suits to the streets. After the still unsolved murder of Jam-Master Jay in 2002, the group disbanded, and members Rev Run and D.M.C. embarked on solo projects that include music and reality T.V. shows. After 10 years, Run-D.M.C. will make their return at the Budweiser Made in America Festival, and have announced future live appearances. Festival goers won’t be stepping into Fairmont Park on September 2; they’ll be stepping into Run’s House.

Odd Future

If you haven’t heard of Odd Future, then you’re probably not offended yet. Odd Future, short for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, is an L.A. hip-hop collective led by Tyler, the Creator. They are one of hip-hop’s most controversial groups with lyrical subjects like violence and sex, sprinkled with offensive slurs. The group has been accused of homophobia; despite the fact the group contains two openly gay and bisexual artists (Syd tha Kyd and Frank Ocean, respectively). Expect festival goers getting rowdy or mad at one of hip-hop’s wildest and most controversial acts.


The L.A. band has the fine distinction of being the only punk rock act featured in the festival. The group is famous for their contributions to the burgeoning L.A. punk scene in the late 70s and 80s. X’s pioneering career lead the way for L.A. music in general. The band hasn’t put out too many albums out recently, but has been making the rounds at music festivals across the country. The band is now headed to Philadelphia to add some adrenaline to the star-studded festival. 

Compared to other star-studded festivals this summer and fall, the Made in America Festival is your best deal for great music:

Date Music Festival Price Range (Single Day) Price Range (All-Weekend Pass) Venue City State
9/1/12-9/2/12 Made in America Tickets $52-$142 $122-$208 Fairmont Park Philadelphia PA
8/10/12-8/12/12 Outside Lands Tickets NA $251-$303 Golden Gate Park San Francisco CA
9/21/12-9/22/12 iHeartRadio Tickets $330-$6,299 NA MGM Grand Hotel Garden Arena Las Vegas NV
10/12/12-10/14/12 Austin City Limits Tickets $118-$425 $248-$1,419 Zilker Park Austin TX
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