Ichiro at Home in New York this Weekend


Image Credit: Otto Gruel JR/Getty Images

Ichiro Suzuki has had a terrific career–AL MVP, ten-time All-Star, and recipient of 10 Golden Gloves–and will be eager to capitalize on the great opportunity ahead of him.  He is no longer with the lowly Seattle Mariners, after being traded to the New York Yankees on July 23, when they were in Seattle playing the Mariners.  Ichiro was looking to be traded to an elite team like the Yankees, who have a strong likelihood of advancing in the playoffs and winning the World Series.  He desired to play for a contender and he got his wish.  The Mariners realized that it was time to rebuild and getting rid of Suzuki’s contract was a necessary step in this rebuilding process.  

Ichiro’s unique combination of offense and defense will greatly help the already dominant Yankees.  His outfield play will be a great addition and he will switch from playing right field to left field for his new team.  The Yankees will have him bat eighth in their already deep line up.  This was the right move for both organizations.  It was a great pick up for the Yankees and the Mariners’ organization realized it was time to part with Ichiro.  

Ichiro’s departure from the Seattle Mariners to the New York Yankees makes sense. He is looking to win.  Ichiro’s transition is much like Kevin Garnett’s realization that he was never going to win a championship with the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Garnett saw a future with the Boston Celtics and knew that a championship was conceivable, and he is now an NBA champion. Garnett wore the Celtic green just like Ichiro now dons the Yankee pinstripes.  Ichiro made a decision to become a part of a championship team and now has the chance to go out on top and make a case to one day enter the Hall of Fame.  It is only fitting for a player of Ichiro’s caliber to be able to play for a World Series at the end of his career.

Ichiro will play in his first home series at Yankee Stadium this weekend versus the Boston Red SoxIchiro’s debut in Yankee Stadium is the start of a three game series with the Red Sox, which starts Friday, July 27 and extends through the weekend.  After Ichiro’s arrival, there was no change in Yankees average ticket price.  Average ticket prices for this weekend’s Boston series range from $95 – $156, with the most expensive being Ichiro’s debut on Friday night, in the Bronx. Those not wanting to pay $100 plus to see Ichiro this weekend will find cheap Yankees tickets in the Grandstands. Grandstand seats start at only $38 on Friday and Saturday, and $26 on Sunday.  Sunday’s game will be featured on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball.  In August, the Yankees host the Baltimore Orioles ($5 – $850 per ticket), Boston Red Sox ($32 – $2,000), Seattle Mariners ($12 – $1,500), Texas Rangers ($8 – $4,000) and Toronto Blue Jays ($5 – $1,500).

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