Clash of the Nash’s in the NBA and NHL

Steve Nash will cross enemy lines–from Phoenix to LA–to suit up in a purple and gold Los Angeles Lakers jersey for the upcoming NBA season. Fellow Canadian Rick Nash gets his wish of being traded from the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets, after being dealt to the New York Rangers. Both stars are potential future Hall of Famers playing on title-contending teams in the NBA and NHL, but which Nash will provide a greater advantage to his respective team this season?

Steve Nash – PG, Los Angeles Lakers



The basketball Nash brings the Lakers a high-caliber point guard, a weak position in the Los Angeles lineup of recent years. Last year, Kobe and company attempted to sign Chris Paul, ultimately getting vetoed by the NBA. This summer, however, the team picked up Steve Nash, who gives them one of the top backcourts in the NBA. This trade definitely helps the Lakers squad counter the defending Western Conference champions, Oklahoma City Thunder, with a more favorable matchup to slow down OKC’s Russell Westbrook. The addition of Nash improves the Lakers, but other changes, including a better bench, are needed in order to compete for another NBA championship.

Los Angeles Lakers tickets at the start of last season averaged $293 per game, and with the addition of Steve Nash and the hopes he can repeat past MVP performances, Lakers ticket prices could be on the rise after the Lakers schedule is announced. If the Lakers add All-Star Dwight Howard too, 2012-2013 Lakers tickets could become the most demanded in the NBA.

Rick Nash – LW, New York Rangers



In the NHL, fellow Canadian Rick Nash adds depth to an already stellar lineup for the New York Rangers. The Rangers, who were favored to win last year’s Stanley Cup, will be an even bigger favorite this year. Rick Nash is a 6-foot-4 monster with blistering speed and an unstoppable slap shot; adding Nash as a scoring threat, to a team that finished with the 2nd best record in the NHL last season, might be the key to raising the Stanley Cup in the Big Apple. Afterall, many experts believed that if the Rangers had been able to score just a few more goals throughout the playoffs last season, they would have easily swept the Eastern Conference. That said, Rick Nash will likely lead the Rangers to a Stanley Cup before Steve Nash leads the Lakers to an NBA title. The New York Rangers already were boasting a Stanley Cup caliber lineup, and the addition of Nash makes the team even stronger. The Lakers still need to tweak an aging lineup to compete with younger, more athletic teams, including OKC and Miami.

After acquiring Nash, New York Rangers tickets now average $230 per ticket for home games at Madison Square Garden; that’s a 12% increase from the same time last year. The price increase can be attributed to the combination of the NHL’s rise in popularity during the past season, Rangers fans becoming excited about the recent addition of Rick Nash, and the possibility of a Rangers Stanley Cup run in the 2012-2013 season.

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