August Concert Tours: Hottest and Top Gainers


Source: Madonna’s official Facebook page

As the temperatures rise, so are the prices for many of the hottest tours this summer. Based on our data, the average ticket price for July tours was $115. However, the average ticket price for August tours is $136 (an 18 percent increase). Between July and August, 104 out 184 tours had an average increase of $33. But who are these acts that people are paying top dollar to see?

Hottest August Concerts

The top five hottest August tours and concerts (from lowest to highest average ticket price) are: Coldplay ($263), Rock the Bells ($275), Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival ($285), Aerosmith ($301), and Madonna ($452). It’s no surprise that the top five hottest concerts in August feature artists that everyone has heard of, especially the queen of pop Madonna.

Coldplay is one of the biggest groups in the world right now, and tickets for their Mylo Xyloto world tour are one of the most sought after tickets.

Rock the Bells and Outside Lands are both music festivals that not only feature big name and established artists, but also inlcude rising artists.Rock the Bells is one of hip-hop’s biggest music festivals and this summer tour has headliners Nas and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, as well as Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, and many more. San Francisco’s Outside Lands has a more eclectic mix of musc with Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Metallica, and Stevie Wonder headlining each night of the three-day event.

Aerosmith and Madonna have been selling out arenas all across the world for several decades, and it makes sense they are the hottest concerts this summer. Music is their personal fountain of youth.

Who’s Hot Avg August Price
Madonna Tickets $452.23
Aerosmith Tickets $301.13
Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival Tickets $278.22
Rock the Bells Tickets $275.23
Coldplay Tickets $263.26


Top Gainers

The top-10 tours and acts with highest percent increase in average ticket prices includes artists you might know, and artists you probably don’t know.

R&B singer Anthony Hamilton’s 2011 Back to Love was a commercial and critical success, and the singer-songwriter’s average ticket price increases are taking him back to the bank. The average price for Anthony Hamilton’s August tour dates increased by almost triple compared to his July shows. This could be the result of August concert venues located in his native south.

Old school folk rockers Jackson Browne, Jimmy Buffett, and Chris Isaak also saw their average ticket prices go up 78 percent, 74 percent, and 56 percent respectively. The Jackson Browne Tour and Jimmy Buffett Tour will reach venues in the northeast in August, where the acoustic guitarists seem to get the most love. Chris Isaak has the fifth highest percent increase. The rockabilly will be in the west in August soaking up some California sun.

Chicano rock guitarist Carlos Santana lets his guitar do all the talking, and has worked with some of music’s biggest stars. The average ticket prices for the prolific guitarist’s three Tampa, Florida shows have gone up 78 percent. The temperature in Florida isn’t the only number going up.

The king of comedy Steve Harvey is hanging up his mic stand for good, but not his gaudy suits. The comedian’s final show will be August 3rd in Las Vegas, Nevada. The average ticket price for his July show in St. Louis has gone up 73 percent compared to his August show. The venue and the circumstance are major factors to the price increase.

Top Gainers Avg August Price Price Change
Anthony Hamilton Tickets $115.50 298.27%
Jackson Browne Tickets $189.74 78.79%
Santana Tickets $226.31 78.27%
Jimmy Buffett Tickets $184.63 74.22%
Steve Harvey Tickets $203.74 73.01%
Sheryl Crow Tickets $206.11 69.33%
Earth Wind and Fire Tickets $188.10 66.54%
Cinderella Tickets $90.59 66.07%
Florence and the Machine Tickets $149.92 57.55%
Chris Isaak Tickets $134.79 56.26%
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