NHL Off-Season 2012

The 2011-2012 NHL season was a season to remember, with the Los Angeles Kings winning their first Stanley Cup Championship in team history. The Stanley Cup Champs did not have an easy road to the championship series by any stretch of the imagination, but the Kings were not deterred in the slightest, knocking off the #1 seed Vancouver Canucks, #2 seed St. Louis Blues, and #3 seed Phoenix Coyotes in the western conference. The eventual champs then surpassed their final road block to the Stanley Cup, defeating the red hot New Jersey Devils in a 4-2 series to claim their spot in history. In honor of the magnificent 2011-2012 season, here is a video to reminisce the season that was in hockey.

Now that we have payed tribute to a spectacular 2011-2012 season, we look forward to a 2012-2013 season that looks to be one of the most anticipated seasons in NHL history. However, both the NHL owners and players association must come to an agreement to avoid a lockout this season. Granted, both sides seem to understand the importance of maintaining the momentum hockey has gained since a thrilling 2011-2012 season, although it does look promising as both sides are working diligently at coming to a new collective bargaining agreement.

As they say though, in the meantime while negotiations are going on, the show must go on. The show has gone on too, with a handful of big moves this offseason. Leading the way were the Minnesota Wild, signing defenseman Ryan Sutter and former devils captain Zach Parise, both with 13-year contracts worth $98 million each. Following close behind were the Dallas Stars, attempting to prepare for their 2012-2013 season with the acquisitions of Jaromir Jagr and Ray Whitney. Both Jagr and Whitney are over the age of forty, but the stars hoping these veterans can immediately improve this team to a playoff caliber squad. Finally Martin Brodeur who has played with the New Jersey Devils his whole career signed a two-year deal to extend his time in New Jersey, and the Philadelphia Flyers offered a huge 14-year contract worth more than $100 million to Shea Webber, the expectation being Webber can lift the Flyers past round 2 of the playoffs in the 2012-2013 season.

NHL Ticket Trends 2012:

  • Average ticket price: $139, up 20% from 2011-2012 season
  • Most expensive home team: Montreal Canadians ($433)
  • Cheapest home team: Anaheim Ducks ($43)
  • Most expensive road team: Toronto Maple Leafs ($187)
  • Cheapest road team: Minnesota Wild ($102)
  • Most expensive game: Winter Classic – Detroit vs. Toronto on 1/1/13 ($649)
  • Cheapest game: Anaheim vs. Columbus on 11/14/12 ($36)

After a stellar 2011-2012 season both the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils have seen ticket price increases at 32% and 25% respectively. The largest NHL ticket increases were not these two teams though, five teams saw larger increases than the Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings, including: Phoenix (68%, $139), Detroit (64%, $202), Carolina (38%, $86), Montreal (35%, $433) and Ottawa (34%, $113). Unfortunately not every team has enjoyed the growth in popularity the past season has brought, five teams have lower average ticket prices: Toronto (-2%, $306), Boston (-12%, $150), Buffalo (-13%, $112), Vancouver (-22%, $241) and New York Islanders (-86%, $70). Overall though ticket prices have gone up 20% from the 2011-2012 season, even though last season, NHL ticket prices dropped 9% between mid-July and the start of the regular season. This being said, with the popularity of the NHL at a high right now ticket prices may be rising as we speak, so if you would like to catch an NHL game in the promising 2012-2013 season the time to buy is now! 

NHL Tickets and Schedule 2012:

NHL Teams Avg Price
Anaheim Ducks Tickets $48
Boston Bruins Tickets $150
Buffalo Sabres Tickets $112
Carolina Hurricanes Tickets $86
Chicago Blackhawks Tickets $224
Colorado Avalanche Tickets $103
Columbus Blue Jackets Tickets $85
Dallas Stars Tickets $103
Detroit Red Wings Tickets $202
Edmonton Oilers Tickets $152
Florida Panthers Tickets $77
Los Angeles Kings Tickets $125
Minnesota Wild Tickets $114
Montreal Canadiens Tickets $433
Nashville Predators Tickets $73
New Jersey Devils Tickets $118
New York Islanders Tickets $70
New York Rangers Tickets $215
NHL All Star Game Tickets $3,000
Ottawa Senators Tickets $113
Philadelphia Flyers Tickets $120
Phoenix Coyotes Tickets $139
Pittsburgh Penguins Tickets $273
San Jose Sharks Tickets $156
St. Louis Blues Tickets $95
Tampa Bay Lightning Tickets $90
Toronto Maple Leafs Tickets $306
Vancouver Canucks Tickets $241
Washington Capitals Tickets $179
Winnipeg Jets Tickets $190
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