Top 10 Major League Baseball Series – National League

As you know we could not just give you the Top 10 series in the American League after the All-Star break, so we had to include the National League series in which tickets are coming in very high demand as well. As lots of unfamiliar teams lead the National League this year such as the Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Los Angeles Dodgers, it should be interesting to see which teams are legit, and which teams came out strong in the first half, but will not be able to close in the last half.


10.) Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Tickets ($79)

The roles have reversed this season, as the Phillies sit at the bottom of the National League East, and the Washington Nationals hold the number one spot. While the season progresses, and as this series takes place it will show which team is truly the last place team and which team can become National League East champions.

9.) Colorado Rockies at Philadelphia Phillies Tickets ($80.11)

Although both teams sit at the bottom of their respective divisions, this is not scaring off loyal fans, hoping that their team can pull out a post season berth, from the depths of a lost season. It does look bleak for the Phillies and Rockies, but no division in the National League this year has anyone running away with the crown, which gives the fans for these two teams some hope.

8.) Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals Tickets ($80.40)

This National League Central division rivalry should be interesting to follow, as the St. Louis Cardinals without Albert Pujols look to fight their way back into post season contention. The Chicago Cubs will look to play spoiler though, and prevent St. Louis from doing so as they sport one of the worst records in baseball.

7.) New York Mets at Atlanta Braves Tickets ($80.86)

This is a promising series, as both teams are very evenly matched, the Mets and Braves together sitting right behind the Washington Nationals in the National League East. The Mets or Braves look to be favorites to dethrone the Nationals in the second half of the season, and this series could decide which of the two will do so. With the Nationals looking to sit Stephen Strasburg once he hits his pitching limit, this could be either teams division to steal.

6.) Colorado Rockies at Chicago Cubs Tickets ($81)

Tied at records of 33-52 both teams look to not stand much of a chance in their respective divisions. However, even though it may be farfetched, we’ve seen crazier things happen in sports, and as they say, this is why we play the game, don’t count either team out just yet!

5.) Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies Tickets ($83)

The Philadelphia Phillies with some of the best fans on earth will not give up on their Phillies. As Philadelphia tries to chip their way back into contention in the National League East this will be a pivotal series in the process. If any team can come back from this kind of deficit in baseball this season it would be the Philadelphia Phillies!

4.) Atlanta Braves at New York Mets Tickets ($85)

The New York Mets fans will give the Atlanta Braves a warm welcoming as well, as both fans are very excited about their teams competing for the National League East title. Whichever team can win a substantial amount of games in both of these series will likely be the National League East champions, which the fans know, and they will make sure they do their part to support their team.

3.) Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants TIckets ($87) 

As the Los Angeles Dodgers travel up the Pacific Coast Highway for their matchup against the San Francisco Giants it promises to be a great series. One game separates the two teams at the top of the National League West, and this series could be the deciding factor in who takes home the crown this year.

2.) Los Angeles Dodgers at New York Mets Tickets ($106)

The New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers both have a lot on the line in this series. The Dodgers and Mets are both looking to win their respective divisions, but as both teams meet one will have to lose. This matchup could prove pivotal to the post season contenders this year as whichever team pulls out the most wins in this series could likely pack their bags for a long post season appearance, and the other team may have to begin grocery shopping for their favorite chips and dip to watch from their couch.

1.) St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs Tickets ($146)

The Mets and Cardinals are both sitting at third in their respective divisions, making this series incredibly important for both teams as they go for that number one spot. Every game in the last half of this season will prove to be important for both teams, making this series an exciting matchup. Tickets on average per game in this series get all the way up to $146, and knowing the importance of this series to the rest of their season, both teams will definitely bring their A game.

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