Top 10 Major League Baseball Series – American League

As the All-Star break wraps up, the race for the post season begins, as teams make an attempt in the final half of the season to solidify a post season berth. For teams such as the Oakland Athletics and Boston Red Sox, who find themselves at the bottom of their respective divisions, it is now truly time to turn the worry meter up. Of course, as you know Razorgator loves a top 10 list, so here is the top 10 series according to average ticket price and demand in the American League.


10.) New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays Tickets ($92)

In this second half of the season matchup, the New York Yankees will look to continue their first place run in the American League East, against division foes the Tampa Bay Rays. However, the Tampa Bay Rays will look to defend Tropicana Field, while picking away at the New York Yankees American League East lead.

9) Texas Rangers at Boston Red Sox Tickets ($96)

The Texas Rangers will travel up to Boston in the second half of the season to face the Boston Red Sox. As Josh Hamilton and Company look to extend their lead in the American League West, the Boston Red Sox will struggle to stay relevant in a strong American League East.

8) Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox Tickets ($99) 

The Baltimore Orioles are quietly sitting in the second place position, behind only the New York Yankees in the American League East this year. This series vs. the Boston Red Sox will reveal to the Baseball Community weather the Orioles are truly a contender this year, or if they just had a little luck go their way in the first half of the season.

7) Kansas City Royals at Boston Red Sox Tickets ($103)

Kansas City Royals fans will not have Robinson Cano to boo at this matchup vs. the Boston Red Sox, Although, I’m sure they can find some Red Sox to heckle in this series, to stay fresh for the New York Yankees visit. Royals fans not having much to cheer about this season, will hope to make a run towards the second half, in hopes of becoming a Cinderella story out of the American League Central.

6) Tampa Bay Rays at Los Angeles Angels Tickets ($106)

The Los Angeles Angels will look to chip away at the red hot Texas Rangers lead in the American League West throughout the second half of the season. However, as good as the Angels are this season; it will be difficult catching the Rangers who are tied with only the Yankees, for the most wins in baseball right now. The task becomes even greater having to defeat teams such as the Tampa Bay Rays along the way.

5) Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox Tickets ($107)

In case you haven’t noticed there is a bit of a trend with the Boston Red Sox showing up in this top 10 list quite a bit. As the Minnesota Twins look to pull a Cinderella story of their own in the last half of the season, the Boston Red Sox with a little bit of a uphill task of their own, will do their best to make sure this does not happen.

4) New York Yankees at Chicago White Sox Tickets ($110)

This will be a premier matchup as the Chicago White Sox lead the American League Central, and the New York Yankees lead their respective division. This matchup between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox may be a preview of what will happen in the post season, if these two are to meet again.

3) Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees Tickets ($124)

When the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees compete in their storied rivalry it is always sure to generate hype. Which makes it a surprise that these series tickets on average are only the third most expensive series to catch in the American League. One thing is for certain though, no matter how far behind in the post season race the Red Sox find themselves, they will surely bring their A game to the Big Apple.

2) Boston Red Sox at Oakland Athletics Tickets ($128)

The Oakland Athletics are not out of the post season picture yet, but they do have a very tough task ahead, with their work cut out for them in the American League West. The Athletics will look to match the play of the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels in the second half of the season, as they look to make their way to the top of a very potent American League West.

1) New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox Tickets ($211)

Of course this series will be at the number one spot on this list as Fenway has some of the greatest fans on earth and of course this epic series has much to do with it also. Tickets on average to this series reach an astonishing $211 per game, and surely even for this price the games will be well worth it.


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