Top 5 Guard Combinations in the NBA Today

Fireworks lit up the sky last night in Los Angeles as Steve Nash was traded to the Lakers. Kobe and company hoping to find the answers Los Angeles Lakers fans have been looking for, in an attempt to get passed the second round of the NBA Playoffs. However, for the Los Angeles Lakers sake, hopefully the fireworks show was to celebrate America’s independence, rather than celebrating finding the answer they have been looking for to get Kobe Bryant his illusive 6th title. The addition of Steve Nash certainly does not hurt the Lakers, but Los Angeles has a lot of work to do if they want to win another NBA Title. Considering aging superstars Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, arguably a few years ago, would have made the best guard combo to ever play, but now look average amongst a cast of All-Star up and comers, including a few aging veterans that can still give Bryant and Nash a run for their money.

5. Boston Celtics

Rajon Rondo has proved he is an elite point guard at the NBA level, with the ability to facilitate the Celtics offense like a well oiled machine, tallying an average of 17 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 11.9 assists on average in this year’s NBA Playoffs. Receiving endless praise from Doc Rivers, who admits Rondo can be moody at times, but is irreplaceable with-in the Boston Celtics organization. The addition of Jason Terry this off-season solidifies the Boston Celtics in the top 5 at guard play, even if Ray Allen does choose to jump ship and head to the Miami Heat or the Los Angeles Clippers. Rajon Rondo makes a compelling argument to make this list on his own, but the addition of Jason Terry off the bench gives the Boston Celtics another big time shooter and game closer, along with already stellar defense at the position compliments of Avery Bradley likely starting in place of Jason Terry. As the Celtics grow old the fans are remaining loyal… So far, but as the Celtics continue to make the right moves, the fans are sure to remain loyal. Boston Celtics tickets were a respectible 7th most expensive this season, with fans hoping for one more title. 

4. San Antonio Spurs

In game 2 of the Western Conference Finals Tony Parker scored 34 points with Manu Ginobili adding 20 points. The pair looked to be unstoppable winning their 20th straight game in a streak that extended to the third round of the Playoffs this year. Although this season did not quite end the way the Spurs would have liked it to, it was certainly still very impressive. Ginobili and Parker have combined for 3 NBA Championships together, which not only makes them fourth on this list, but qualifies them all time as an elite duo in the NBA. However, San Antonio Spurs tickets were not in high demand this season, even after finishing first in the Western Conference again, Spurs tickets were only the 19th most expensive ticket in the NBA on average.   

3. Los Angeles Lakers

Both are Hall of Fame bound there is no doubt about this, but are Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash a good fit? Bryant led the Los Angeles Lakers in assists at a dismal 4.3 a game last season, with a facilitator such as Steve Nash to replace the shaky Ramon Sessions at point guard, this will allow Kobe to do what Kobe does best, shoot the ball. With Steve Nash doing all the running for Kobe, drawling defenders, and making great passes, one must believe that this combination will be lethal. Of course not forgetting the fact that Steve Nash can put the ball in the net as well, ending his season 53.2% shooting this year. Without Steve Nash, Los Angeles Lakers tickets averaged $264, which was the 2nd most expensive ticket in the NBA this season, one could only assume with Steve Nash, hype and ticket prices will increase going into the upcoming season.    

2. Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets trading for Joe Johnson not only become one of the best guard combinations in the NBA, but most likely the best team to reside in New York. Not only do the Brooklyn Nets have one of the best point guards in the NBA, they now have one of the best shooting guards as well, with Johnson’s skill set and range added to William’s talent, the Nets look to be a strong contender in the Eastern Conference this year. Not only this but if the Nets do solidify Dwight Howard they could very likely be a favorite over the Miami Heat to win an NBA Championship in the following year. The Brooklyn Nets did not generate much hype this season however, Brooklyn Nets tickets were among the cheapest in the NBA this year averaging around $68. 

1. Oklahoma City Thunder

Russell Westbrook and James Harden are the number one guard combination in the NBA. Russell Westbrook with his relentless attack throughout the duration of a game is hands down one of toughest players to guard in the game today, especially when he is hitting his pull up jumper. Although Westbrook could in all likely hood play the full game with ease, he does not need to, with James Harden the Sixth Man of the Year coming in as back up. James Harden can not only replace Russell Westbrook’s presence on the court, he can also play alongside Westbrook, making for a very formidable obstacle as many teams learned in this year’s NBA Playoffs. Although you could not get a Oklahoma City Thunder Playoff ticket even if you were Lil Wayne last year, Oklahoma City Thunder tickets were only the sixth most expensive NBA ticket on average last season. 

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