Summer Sounds: Week 2

  1. Bonde Do Role feat. Das Racist // Bang: Brazilian artists, Bonde Do Role will release a new album, Tropicalbacanal, produced by Diplo and Poolside. Sounding like a spiced up version of an old western movie, ‘Bang’ delivers just like the title.
  2. Nas feat. Amy Winehouse // Cherry Wine: Almost a full year after Winehouse’s death, Nas released a collaboration off his new album, Life Is Good. The jazzy track is beautifully tragic as Winehouse sings, “And I’m alone, and I realize that when I get home, I wanna go through my red and my cherry.”
  3. Iggy Pop feat. Bethany Cosentino // Let’s Boot And Rally: This quirky collaboration was recorded for the True Blood soundtrack, written for them by True Blood music supervisor, Gary Calamar. Iggy’s classic growl is great paired with the Best Coast frontwoman’s bright vocals. Stream it on KCRW.
  4. B.o.B. feat. Taylor Swift // Both Of Us: B.o.B. and Taylor Swift come together to bring us an upbeat, poppy gem that will be sure to make its way to being a summer 2012 favorite. And even more charming is that the lyrics are uplifting by cheering on the underdogs.
  5. Norah Jones // Everybody Needs A Best Friend: Jone’s cheery song could easily be confused for broadway – but it instead resides on the soundtrack to Mark Wahlberg’s raunchy new comedy, Ted. Check out the video that sadly only shows scenes from the movie.
  6. Kanye West feat. Pusha T // New God Flow: Yeezy has delivered us a new summer jam that he first premiered this past Sunday at the BET awards. The official version just popped up on his website, and Yeezy sure doesn’t disappoint.
  7. Yelawolf // Howdy: Yelawolf celebrated Independence Day by giving his new mixtape, Heart of Dixie, for free. The first song of ten, Howdy, loudly announces, “Hello, world,” just in case you haven’t yet heard Yelawolf.
  8. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros // That’s What’s Up: Catchy and fresh, Sharpe and his Zeros bring a knee slappin’ song that’s as light as a summer breeze. They somehow are able to pull off cute lyrics without being overly cheesy – “you be the book, I’ll be the binding. You be the words, I’ll be the rhyming.”
  9. Purity Ring // Fineshrine: If you weren’t listening closely, you might miss the grotesque lyrics that are classic Purity Ring. You would also miss the meaning behind the beautifully poetic words that flow sweetly from singer Megan James. 
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