5 Steps to Serena’s Crown at the US Open

Serena Williams is one of the most recognized faces in tennis and creates an excitement every time that she steps on the court. She is a favorite going into the 2012 US Open and here are the five keys to her victory.

1. Serena remains focused.

Her thirteen grand slam titles speak to her dominance. Williams has had a great career but there have been episodes at the US Open that have been distractions. Her run in with the lineswoman in 2009 over a foot fault call cost her a whopping $82,500 and in last year’s final she lost her composure with umpire Eva Asderaki. More can be read about Serena’s meltdown at NY Post.com.

2. Serena stays aggressive.

Standing at 5’9” and weighing 155 lbs, she is intimidating and there is no way around it. Serena possesses an overwhelming physicality that no other athlete on the WTA can come close to harnessing. On the tennis court, Serena is what Mike Tyson was in the ring. She is a force to be reckoned with and it is her presence alone that tips the scales in her favor. If Serena can use her power and shot making abilities to their fullest potential, then it is her tournament to win.

3. Serving BIG.

Serving up to 128 mph, her serve is one of the best shots in the game and when she is serving well, it is no easy task to break. Coupled with her exceptional return game, she is putting constant pressure on her opponents. The women’s game is dominated by heavy hit ground strokes, but when you have a serve like Serena the championship becomes a whole lot closer.

4. Relying on Experience.

Going into the 2012 US Open, Serena is 58-9 in New York. Dominant. She is a proven champion and has three US Open titles going into the 2012 tournament. She can let her wealth of experience and tennis IQ serve her on the court. Her confidence and swagger are undisputed and most often she delivers.

5. Embracing the Moment.

Serena is the top ranked American woman playing in front of a New York crowd that loves to support its fellow Americans. She needs to engage the crowd and use them to her advantage. There is no room for on court antics because the competition is too good with Sharapova and Azarenka looming in the draw. Let’s see what Ms. Williams has for us this year.

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