Top 15 July Concerts

15. Big Time Rush

 90s nostalgia has been dominating the Internet, fashion, and, of course, music. Boy bands are no longer a familiar memory, and at the height of the comeback are Nickelodeon superstars, Big Time Rush, complete with choreographed dance moves. One of the busiest bands on this list, Big Time Rush is also the cheapest per show, averaging $75.57 per ticket. BTR will tour throughout the United States and Canada into September, ending in Marysville, CA. 

14. Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival

Can’t get enough Metal this summer? Rockstar’s Mayhem festival is traveling around the country to subside your head-bangin’ needs. Starting in San Bernardino, CA and ending in Hartford, CN, you can see Slipknot headlining along with Slayer, Moterhead and Anthrax, amongst others. You can sweat out the summer heat at the Jäger Stage for a price of $83.93 per average ticket. 

13. Rascal Flatts

To promote their April released album, Changed, Rascal Flatts hits the highway with Little Big Town, the Eli Young Band and Edens Edge. You can grab a ticket for around $113.39 throughout the summer and into late October.

12. American Idols Live

Whether you supported season 11’s winner Phillip Phillips, or your favorite was Jessica Sanchez, you can see both during the American Idols Live 2012 tour. The show’s sendoff into the mainstream starts in Detroit this Friday and ends at the end of September in Milwaukee. For a ticket average of $122.56, you can see your favorite contestant this summer. 

11. Iron Maiden

Rocking for a solid 36 years and counting, rock veterans Iron Maiden venture on their 23rd official tour since their Metal For Muthas Tour in 1980. Beginning their North American summer tour in North Carolina, you can catch these rock gods for $123.51 per average ticket. If you happen to be in Europe in 2013, you can catch their worldwide tour as well.

10. Enrique Iglesias

Without the necessity of an album release, Enrique and Jennifer Lopez team up this summer for a Latin-infused tour. Remaining mainly on the coastlines, you can catch a show for about $147.89 per ticket. 

9. Jason Aldean

It has been almost two years since the release Aldean’s double platinum album, My Kinda Party. The album has been popular enough to demand a continuation of the 2011 tour of the same name during this summer. If you missed the tour the first time around, you can catch it this summer along with Luke Brian for $151.91 per average ticket.

8. Nicki Minaj

It’s hard to imagine that Miss Minaj was only signed to Young Money Records a short three years ago. In that time period, she’s become the first solo female artist to have seven singles on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. Her worldwide summer tour stops briefly in the States for about a month, with the ticket average of about $152.24.

7. James Taylor

After joining Taylor Swift in Madison Square Garden last fall, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, James Taylor, begins a tour of his own starting today in Massachusetts.  The average ticket price during his summer tour is about $157.82.

6. Dave Matthews Band

This fall, Dave Matthews Band releases their eighth studio album, Away From the World. To prepare their fans, DMB goes on their summer tour through the end of September.  Ticket prices are averaging $178.44 a ticket and are already sold out both in Minnesota and their second day in West Palm Beach, Florida.

5. Coldplay

Following the release of already multi-platinum Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay continues their popular worldwide tour throughout the United States during the summer. Having started this spring, the tour has already hit a majority of the West Coast. Your $204.96 average ticket comes with a pre-entry wristband that only adds to the visceral, Mylo Xyloto experience. 

4. Roger Waters

Former Pink Floyd bassist and co-lead singer, Roger Waters, revisits The Wall tour, this time with his son, Harry Waters. His belief is that this generation relies too heavily on technology and creates a barrier. He metaphorically knocks down this ‘wall’ during his show, and at $224.34 per average ticket, you too can partake in this Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s activism.

 3. Aerosmith

America’s greatest rock and roll band goes back on tour before the release of their fall-scheduled album, Music From Another Dimension! The Global Warming Tour started mid June in North America and will continue through August. Average ticket prices are $226.62; VIP packages are sold out in Boston and Philadelphia.


2. Celine Dion

Not so much a tour as part of a three-year residency, Celine Dion’s impressive showcase at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Place in Las Vegas has been wowing fans and critics alike. Catching her show averages $228.31 per ticket for the duration of her two-month long show.

1. Kenny Chesney

Who else can say they’ve had 20 singles top the Billboard Hot Country Songs as well as achieve 14 gold (and higher!) albums? At the top of the list with an average ticket price of $236.02, Kenny Chesney has just started his Brothers of the Sun tour with Tim McGraw that will last throughout August. 

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