The Lakers vs. The Mavericks

Last week I scored a pair of tickets to see the Lakers and the Mavericks go head to head Sunday afternoon. I was filled with disappointment when I found out that Kobe wasn’t going to play the night before, but I couldn’t complain as the game went into overtime and the Staples Center was roaring with redemption as the Lakers defeated the team that swept them in last year’s playoffs without the best player in the league in Kobe Bryant.

On Sunday morning, me and a friend (who is a really big Mavericks fan) took the Metro Blue Line from Long Beach, CA all the way to the Staples Center. The Metro is a really cheap alternative for anyone who wants to save gas and save the headaches of paying for parking in LA. For just 3 bucks, you’ll get a ride to and from the Staples Center. If you would rather drive, you can find some pretty cheap parking lots for around $10-$15 near the arena.

As soon as we got in the Staples Center, we went straight to the concession stand and got ourselves a beer. The crowd was filled with purple and gold and there was a sense of excitement as this game was to be broadcasted on National television. 

Tip-off began and we were ready to go. Through most of the first half, the Lakers were trailing behind the Mavericks, but the Lakers faithfuls weren’t ready to back off just yet. The Lakers came into the second half ready to swing and started to take charge, which all led to overtime, an experience any sports fan can wish for when going to a game. The Lakers continued to play hard against the Mavericks and eventually won the game.

This was my first experience going to a Lakers game and it was a meaningful one. I’ve seen other games before, such as going to a Dodgers game and a Clippers game (that was a free ticket), but this one was a great experience since I have a strong bias towards the Lakers that started at the age of 7, and the fact that it went into overtime made it even more special.

Despite not seeing Kobe play in person, a Lakers win in overtime and seeing my friend who is a Mavericks fan weep was all I needed for this great experience.

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