Tebowmania Lands in NYC

When the Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning to a multi-year deal, it was clear that they were prepared to part ways with their quarterback, Tim Tebow. If no one has heard about Tim Tebow in the last year, then they probably don’t care about the NFL or they must be living in a cave somewhere in the Himalayas. Tim Tebow, one of the biggest stories in the history of sports, will now be a New York Jet.

And if New York couldn’t get enough of Linsanity, let’s see how they’re going to feel now that they have Tebowmania.

So now that we’re going to see Tim Tebow in a Jets’ uniform, what does that mean?

A lot of questions have risen of whether or not Mark Sanchez’s current quarterback job will be in jeopardy now that the Jets have acquired Tim Tebow.

According to an article from USAToday, Jets coach, Rex Ryan, made it clear that Tim Tebow “is not just a backup player.” Rex also stated that he believe that Tebow and Sanchez will be able to work well together. Essentially, Tebow is going to be a back up to Sanchez. But what does all of this mean?

It’s pretty clear that Tim Tebow isn’t the best quarterback the NFL, and if you compare the stats between the two quarterbacks, it’s pretty clear that Sanchez’s job is not in jeopardy.

Mark Sanchez has thrown 55 touchdowns over the span of three seasons. Tim Tebow isn’t even close with only 17 touchdowns. We know you can’t compare since Mark Sanchez has started throughout his enitre NFL career, but he was given the starting position for a reason. So the question of Sanchez’s starting job shouldn’t be a question.

But what about the city of New York? What does that mean for New York?

New York sports fans has a thing with their athletes. If you’re playing great, they are in love with you. If you’re playing horrible, they want to kill you. The idea of having Tim Tebow in a Jets uniform might be appealing to New Yorkers but will Tebow help bring a championship that is desperately desired by Jets fans?

It is pretty clear that Tim Tebow has willed his way into victories, especially late in games. And having Tim Tebow as a backup will definitely take some pressure off of Mark Sanchez, and will also be a weapon for the Jets if they need to make a run late in the game.

With all the speculation, one can expect that the city of New York is buzzing with all types of excitement.

Image via Wikimedia Commons: Clemed

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