ALBUM REVIEW: Fanfarlo-Rooms Filled With Light

Fanfarlo Rooms Filled With Light

Fanfarlo is an indie pop band hailing from the United Kingdom. Formed in 2006, the band consists of Simon Balthazar (vocal, guitar, keyboard, mandolin, saxaphone, clarinet), Cathy Lucas (vocal, mandolin, violin, keyboards, glockenspiel, musical saw), Leon Beckenham (keyboards, trumpet, glockenspiel, melodica, vocals), Justin Finch (bass, vocals) and Amos Memon (vocal, percussion, drums). Their style is unique, combining folk, indie rock, and punk elements with instruments ranging from trumpet to violin to mandolin to musical saw. Rooms Filled With Light is the follow-up to 2009 self-release Reservoir, which earned the band critical acclaim and got them a spot at that year’s South by Southwest music festival and as a supporting act touring with Snow Patrol. “Replicate”, the first single from their current album, was released in 2011, followed by a full album release in February 2012.

This album is a great listen, even if you’ve never head of Fanfarlo before. The lead singer voice has a haunting quality, which is complemented by the use of string instruments. After giving the album a full listen, personal favorites include first single “Replicate”, “Everything Turns”, and “Bones”. I love their use of unique instruments like mandolin, melodica and glockenspiel. The album is pretty mellow, a good soundtrack to reading, studying, or doing chores around the house. I think it’s pretty cool that their music has been featured on TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy”, “House”, and “Chuck”, as well as on the soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Be sure to catch them on tour this spring: they’ll be criss-crossing the US with stops in lots of major cities. They will be doing multiple California shows, including a performance at Coachella and a show at the Music Box with Manchester Orchestra.

FOR FANS OF: Beirut, Noah and the Whale, Grouplove, Blind Pilot

SEE THEM LIVE: Coachella Music Festival Tickets

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