ALBUM REVIEW: Lana Del Rey “Born To Die”

Lana Del Rey Born to Die

The much anticipated Lana Del Rey album, Born To Die, is finally out and amongst of all the praise, Lana Del Rey’s album has fallen short of anything unique. With Lana Del Rey being on virtually everyone’s list for artists to watch for in 2012 (including ours), the hype that surrounded this album didn’t live up to our expectations. A part of the hype was due to her single, “Video Games,” which is actually a great song, but the rest of the album did not deliver what this single delivered. The album was named Born To Die to pay homage to the late Notorious B.I.G.

Lana’s voice remains to be one of the most unique voices in modern music, but the production did not do justice to it. Emile Haynie produced virtually every track on the album, with the exception of “Video Games,” which is produced by Justin Parker and RoboPop and which I considered to be the best track. Emile Haynie tries too hard to keep the album up to par with today’s sounds rather than explore different melodys and vibes. Lana Del Rey has a classy voice and it does not mesh well with the melodramatic vibe that Haynie was trying to do. It’s not that Emile Haynie isn’t a terrible producer, his work with Kid Cudi on “Soundtrack 2 My Life” is a brilliant track and was beautifully put together. It’s just that Haynie and Lana Del Rey have two very different and distinct styles. Perhaps what held the album back from it’s potential is its consistency. Haynie’s production made it so that every song on the album sounded the same. There wasn’t much diversity.

Lana Del Rey’s voice is beautiful and her subjects concern a wide variety of different issues. There’s no denying Lana Del Rey’s voice. Her voice is melodic and is not comparable to anything we’ve heard in a while.

The whole album wasn’t bad, of course. There were a few tracks that absolutely worked and I enjoyed listening to. “Video Games” is one of them. “Million Dollar Man” is a beautiful track with a hook that is captivating. “Without You” talks about an interesting story of a girl who isn’t satisified with her life despite having all the material items any person would dream to have. Born To Die definitely has some really good tracks, but a lot of stale ones as well. 

So what do I suggest? Don’t buy the album, instead buy these tracks separately on iTunes or any other music store.

  • Video Games
  • Summertime Sadness
  • Million Dollar Man
  • Without You
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