ALBUM REVIEW: fun.’s “Some Nights”

fun. has exploded onto the music scene in the past few months, with hit song “We Are Young” being featured in Chevy commercials and on Glee, and consequently topping the iTunes and Billboard charts. The band, signed to alt label Fueled by Ramen, released their full length album “Some Nights” yesterday after much anticipation. This comes a week after the band did something revolutionary–they streamed the entire album online. This seems unorthodox, but it was effective. The album did not leak at all in the weeks leading up to the online release. Some hardcore fans chose to wait until the actual release to give it a listen, but for those who chose to preview it, it only added to the excitement. 

The album combines indie-pop, rock, electronic, hip-hop and R&B musical styling to provide an unexpected but thoroughly enjoyable mix of tracks. Most tracks are on the upbeat side, almost anthemic. From beginning to end, this album proves that originality in music is not dead. There has been some criticism about the use of autotune with lead singer Nate Ruess, especially from those who have been fans of his since he was in The Format. However, this is not the autotune that we’ve become accustomed to on Top 40 singles. Rather, it adds a unique sound that complements the other musical risks on the album. After a full listen, “We Are Young” is actually one of my least favorites. There are too many other incredible tracks, including “Some Nights”, “Stars”, and “It Gets Better”, just to name a few. 

“Some Nights” has received high praise in album reviews released this far (an reviewer gave it a 9.5/10). However, it has also received something not many bands these days get–respect from fellow artists. Here are some Tweets from other band members in similar genres:

Brian Dales, lead singer of The Summer Set:

Will Anderson, lead singer of Parachute:

Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore:

This album is something new, different, and exciting. It is completely unexpected in the best possible way, and definitely worth a listen. If you’re like me, you will be hitting that repeat button partway through the intro track. fun. is poised to go mainstream, with an album that is anything but.

*album cover image via, tweets via artist’s Twitter pages

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