Stop what you’re doing and watch this Jeremy Lin highlight video.

No, seriously, watch it.

Who is this guy? How can a guy who came into the NBA undrafted be able to put up numbers like an elite point guard? How can a guy who never saw minutes in the teams he’s played for be hearing chants of MVP in Madison Square Garden? How did we not know about Jeremy Lin?

Ladies and gentleman, if you didn’t know about Jeremy Lin before, then you sure as hell will know about him now.

Here is the stat line for the last three games J.Lin has played:

25 points 7 assists
28 points 8 assists
23 points 10 assists

All three games, Lin has seen valuable minutes and was given a chance by Mike D’Antoni and the New York Knicks to prove his worth. The Knicks were in need of a point guard, and with Baron Davis not suiting up for his New York debut anytime soon, it looks like they have found one in Jeremy Lin. All three games where he’s seen over 30 minutes, the Knicks have won and Jeremy Lin continues to shine.

Jeremy Lin’s NBA journey is nothing special. He played for Harvard before coming to the NBA and graduated with a major in Economics with a 3.1 gpa. He was undrafted and was picked up by his hometown team, the Golden State Warriors. After barely seeing any minutes in the Bay, the Rockets picked up his contract and didn’t see much playing time there either. Finally, New York gave him a chance and it seems like he has finally found a home in the NBA.

We all know that there are many hidden talents on many rosters in the NBA. But usually those hidden talents are never given a chance to prove their worth, and this cycles continues for years until these players get old and no longer have any type of basketball value.

For Jeremy Lin, it was a matter of being at the right place at the right time. The Knicks were in need of a point guard. Baron Davis isn’t healing anytime soon and Toney Douglas is a back up point guard at best. So in a game against the Nets when Mike D’Antoni called Lin’s number up to play, Jeremy Lin was finally given his time to prove to the world that he can play ball.

And he did not disappoint. J.Lin was doing everything a coach can ask for in his point guard. He was creating plays, he was pacing the game, he was scoring, he was defending. Jeremy finished that game with a career high, 25 points, and created a buzz in a league that is obsessed with Dwight Howard’s destination.

The next game against Utah, Jeremy Lin again topped his career high with 28 points. And in D.C. he again had a great game with 23 points and 10 assists. Two of those 23 points came from a great crossover on John Wall that created an open lane and a dunk.

Jeremy Lin isn’t just a one game sensation, he’s showing everyone that he can do this every night.

Lin’s style is so simple, but yet it’s so effective. He’s doesn’t play the flashy style that would end up on SportsCenter top 10. Jeremy simply plays good basketball. Perhaps his greatest strength is running the pick and roll, particularly with Tyson Chandler. Chandler would give Jeremy a high pick, Jeremy would use that pick and would either pass it to a cutting Chandler or just take it to the rim himself.  Another asset of Jeremy Lin’s arsenal is quick first step.

Jeremy Lin is a simple basketball player and is proving to everyone that you don’t need to do fancy moves to score a basket or get attention.

Lin’s story is a great story. Coming to the league undrafted. Trying vigorously to prove his worth and buy some minutes for the teams that picked him up and still going unnoticed. And finally given a chance to prove to everyone in the league that he can play basketball. It’s a remarkable story of the kid who never got picked to play basketball in grade school and when he was finally picked up, he dominated the game. Jeremy Lin is that kid.

Jeremy Lin’s biggest test yet will come tonight against the Los Angeles Lakers where Kobe Bryant will be looking to score big as he done in the past at Madison Square Garden. Now the Lakers don’t really have an answer for Jeremy Lin since their biggest weakeness has always been at the point guard position. But it’ll be interesting to see how Lin will live up to playing a team like the Lakers.

However he plays tonight, let’s hope that his playing isn’t a streak of just a couple of games and he keeps it rolling for years to come.

LINSANITY is now upon us.

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Sources: ESPN, Wikipedia

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