ALBUM REVIEW: “Emotional Traffic”-Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw Emotional Traffic

Country music superstar Tim McGraw released his 11th studio album “Emotional Traffic” last week. The artist has called it his “best album” to date, which should mollify the fans who have been waiting on its release for the past year. He is also heading out on a coheadlining tour, aptly named the “Brothers of the Sun” tour, with fellow country music phenom Kenny Chesney. The two will hit stadiums and arenas all over the country this summer, and there are very strong rumors of a collaboration or two being recorded while they are on the road.

The album kicks off with “Halo”, a melodious track that shows off McGraw’s angsty voice accompanied by an equally angsty guitar line. The next few tracks make up for the easygoing and sobering start with the upbeat and lively “Right Back Atcha Babe” and “One Part, Two Part”. The latter features country legend (and McGraw’s wife) Faith Hill. This is one of my favorite tracks on the record–I think that their voices sound great together and it’s an overall fun song.

“Felt Good On My Lips” was actually released as a single last year and became a chart-topper. It’s very catchy and definitely makes the listener want to sing and dance along. I can see this being one of the most fun songs when he undoubtedly performs it on tour. The entire crowd is sure to be singing along with the “whoa-oh-oh” part of the chorus that comes in towards the end of the song.

McGraw attempts another R&B crossover following the amazing success of “Over and Over” with Nelly back in 2004. Unfortunately, “Only Human” featuring Ne-Yo isn’t as impressive, but it’s a solid effort. The album ends with on a pretty mellow note with “Die By My Own Hand”, which serves as a laidback bookend to complement the first track.

Overall, this is a solid album from McGraw. It features a good mix of serious tracks to start and close the album, with lighthearted ditties thrown in to fill out the middle. Fans of his should be pleased by the overall result, and it should add to the excitement about his upcoming tour. Tickets to see him this summer are currently on sale.

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