Owning the Night with Lady Antebellum

If you were to tell me that I would be going to a country show, I would tell you you were absolutely nuts! Now, just to catch you up on my musical “flava” when it comes to seeing live shows, I am more on the R&B, classical side, or even seeing some of my heroes of my youth, 80’s and 90’s… or as the kids say these days, oldies. But I got a chance to get into this show to see one of today’s hottest groups, Lady Antebellum.

I was not sure what to expect from the show. I do know their song,  “Need You Now” since I hear it everywhere. My hesitancy going in was that not being a huge country fan, I would not enjoy the music or for that matter the experience of the performance.  What I found out is that I was both wrong and very wrong!

First off, the venue. Lady Antebellum is performing at a lot of smaller venues. Same great stage layout, a side stage with a long catwalk with a smaller spotlight stage in the middle of the venue. No matter where you sit, you are sure to get a great seat. Probably depending on the venue, you might feel cramped, but I was lucky enough to see it at Grand Canyon University Stadium, which is brand new and very comfortable. Besides, you are standing up a lot, so sitting space is not a huge concern.

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There were two beginning acts for the show. The first was a brand new artist by the name of Randy Montana (no relation to Hannah), and Josh Kelly, the brother of Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelly, and happens to be married to actress Katherine Heigl( and yes I was looking for her… ). both acts were suprising good, but Josh Kelly was actually phenomenal. He actually pulled out some rap during some of his songs, some Fresh Prince and some Snoop Dog, which cracked me up and brought the crowd to their feet. By the time that they were done, my friends and I were cranked up for the main event.

Lady Antebellum is up. Huge live screens that also so amazing effects and video throughout the show, top-notch lighting effects, and the sound quality for the concert was absolutely one of the best I have heard. Some concerts you go to concerts and are somewhat disappointed at how the artist sings live. TOTALLY not the case here with Lady Antebellum. I love it when an artist does not overuse effects and computers to make them sound good or drown their voice with effects (ahem, Black Eyed Peas),  but Lady Antebellum had a perfect balance of their voices with the live band.

My favorite part of the show was when they moved over to the catwalk center stage, and did an acoustic set. They did American Honey, and brought in their opening acts back to the stage. It felt more like a jam session than a performance, and completely pulled you in to the emotional joy that they were feeling on stage.

Overall, the show was a huge suprise, and one that I will always remember. I would so get Lady Antebellum Tickets again. If you are a fan, but have not seen them live, than you really need to make a resuloution to go see them live sometime in 2012. Truly was one of the best concerts I have been to in a very long time.

Did I become a country fan that night? Would I randomly buy Country Tickets?  Not too sure about that, but I will say this, I am a fan of Lady Antebellum!


Until Next time,

Chris Haro 

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